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All Day FORE Africa

14th Annual

Want to have some fun AND make a difference in the world?  Join us for the 14th Annual All Day FORE Africa event….a time where kids (young and old) get out and do something fun to impact the lives of children in Rwanda. 

Do you like to play tennis, kickball, pickle ball?  Maybe it’s swimming, dancing, walking, or painting that you enjoy. Whatever it is, ADFA is a time to do those things to raise awareness and funds to help feed and educate students in Kibeho.


Your $30 registration includes a FREE Abana T-shirt and is enough to feed ONE CHILD….ONCE PER WEEK….for an ENTIRE YEAR!  


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The Abana Foundation’s 14th Annual ALL DAY FORE AFRICA Summer event is an exciting Kids Fore Kids movement where kids across America are using their talents and time to make a huge difference in the lives of people in the village of Kibeho, Rwanda. The goal of this event is to raise money to fully fund our school lunch feeding program and fund our Abana Scholarship Program.


ANYONE and EVERYONE!  This is a Kids Fore Kids event and at Abana we believe that you’re never too young (or old) to make a difference in the world! Invite your family…share with your friends near and far! Together we can reach our goal of feeding the kids for another year!


Monday June 26th


If you're joining us in Worthington on June 26th, head down to the 10th Street Plaza and grab your "Abana Passport" that will allow you to travel around Worthington collecting stamps at all the activities.



If you are joining us virtually, choose a fun activity that you love to do. It could be tennis, golf, swimming, reading, biking, reading, running...anything works! 


FOR THE KIDS! For the past 14 years, we have been coming together to raise funds for the people of Rwanda. Through generosity of people like you, we’ve been able to build a school lunch feeding program and a thriving Scholarship program for nearly 1,000 students in the small village of Kibeho, Rwanda.   


Our goal is to raise money to fully fund these programs for another year!  Just $30 can feed one child, once per week….for an ENTIRE YEAR! TOGETHER we can make a difference!





On June 26th…or any day that week, get out and do something you love to do. It may be a bike ride, swimming, dancing, tennis, golfing, fishing, reading…you name it, any activity works!


Wear your ADFA shirt and post a fun photo to your social media using the hashtag #kidsFOREkids 


Know that you made a difference and that your participation is going to feed a child in Rwanda once a week for an ENTIRE YEAR!  Thanks for joining us!

Today, The Abana Foundation a is a non-profit organization that is changing the lives of thousands of kids both in the United States and in the small village of Kibeho, Rwanda. However, the story of All Day FORE Africa began with just one fifteen-year-old girl, ready to make a difference in the world.  


Kate Lesnar, a 15 year old girl from Worthington, MN started a KIDS FOR KIDS movement in 2010 when she decided to golf all day to raise money for a school in Rwanda. Very quickly, her sister and many others joined the movement. Today, kids across America are coming together to use their passions and talents to impact lives for good. From ONE GIRL to hundreds of people across the US, Abana has grown into something far greater than Kate could have imagined. 


In the past 14 years, Abana has built a medical center, a Children’s Academy for learning, developed a feeding program for nearly 1,000 students, awarded academic scholarships and stimulated community development in the small village of Kibeho, Rwanda. Abana is proof that YOU’RE NEVER TOO YOUNG (OR OLD) TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 

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