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We started with a water system in 2010... and things have continued to grow!  Today, we have many exciting projects with Fr. Leszek in Kibeho, Rwanda.  

The ADFA Children’s Academy  is our latest project with Fr. Leszek and ADFA.  The Children's Academy is a space where many kids from the village can excel and pursue their talents and dreams.  It is a place to come, outside of school hours, and have intense learning opportunities in their specific field of interest whether it be Language, Arts, Music, Sports or anything else that cultivates big dreams for a bright future.

ABANA means KIDS and that's what ADFA is all about. Our 880 kids from two schools in Kibeho are hungry and less than 45 cents per day can make a HUGE impact. A donation of $25 can feed one child once per week for an entire year! Mission Abana not only feeds the children, but it helps grow the local economy and create and sustain many jobs for the local people. 

In Rwanda, children are able to attend Primary School from K-6th grade. If they wish to continue their education into High School, they must pass an entrance exam AND pay a fee to attend the boarding school. For many, this dream is not a reality because of the financial burden. With the ADFA Scholarship Fund, we are working to change that!

In 2014, we built and opened a Medical Center to provide basic health care for not only the children at the school, but the surrounding 3,000 villagers in the area. The care of the medical staff has had a huge impact in the lives of many of this village. They finally have the medical attention that they not only need but deserve.

We are thrilled about our partnership with Luminaid. This amazing solar lantern was invented by two college girls and is now used world wide to help bring relief to disaster victims and solar light to areas without electricity. It has been our joy to distribute these lanterns to families in Kibeho. Every year, we will continue to spread more and more light!


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