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The Abana Foundation is so excited about our partnership with Luminaid.  One day we were watching Shark Tank, a program about great inventions, and were amazed to learn about a new invention of solar powered lanterns that recharge with the sun's energy and illuminate a small area for 8-10 hours.  

We immediately thought of our friends in Kibeho and knew this would be a life changing gift to bring for them.  The village of Kibeho and the people we serve do not have electricity in their homes and even during the day it is very dark inside their homes.  

We contacted Luminaid and to our delight, they readily agreed to partner with us to bring these unique lanterns to Rwanda.  

Over the past several years we have distributed over 400 lanterns to the village of Kibeho and the reaction has been priceless!  

We look forward to continuing this partnership and lighting up the entire village of Kibeho!


LuminAID Primary Logo (Grey).png

Meet Peter. 

Peter's favorite color is red and favorite animal is a cow. When he grows up he wants to be a soldier or priest.


Peter's father owns a bar right outside of their house where he sells banana beer, a popular drink among the locals. 

This is a photo of Peter's room. He shares this tiny space with four of his siblings. The blue, thin "mattress" leaning up against the wall is the bed that they all sleep on. This room is dark at all times of the day

without a Luminaid lantern. His family

was overwhelmed with joy when

they received the gift of a Luminaid.

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