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Hey there! Want to be friends?

The Abana Foundation, formerly known as All Day FORE Africa, has built an incredible Children’s Academy in Kibeho, Rwanda.  Amazing things are happening at the Academy and we would LOVE for you to be involved.

What is the Friends of the Academy?

Friends of the Academy is a monthly sponsorship program that connects friends from the

US to our friends in Kibeho, Rwanda. 


This is important because while most American youth can count on education as a key to a brighter future, far too many kids in Rwanda lack such an opportunity.  This is why in 2018 the Abana Foundation opened The Children’s Academy in Kibeho. This unique Academy provides students a place to go for intense learning opportunities that are focused on English language learning and the Arts. 

For as little as $10 per month, YOU can become a Friend of the Academy to support efforts to provide a quality education for these exceptional students. Your affiliation helps these awesome students with their journey toward higher education.  As a Friend of the Academy you can help sustain and expand the Academy’s efforts.

All monies raised through this program will directly benefit the Academy in the following ways:

  • Provide daily food and vitamins to tend to students’ physical needs

  • Pay for school supplies and curriculum materials

  • Afford scholarships for students to continue their education after passing the national exam

  • Allow for future expansion and upgrades of the facilities 

  • Make additional staffing available as we expand the Academy


While donations of any size or welcome and valued, to become a Friend of the Academy requires a minimum gift of $10 per month.  All Friends of the Academy will receive regular correspondence that will highlight one of the students, describing his/her life, family, studies, hopes, and dreams.  

The Children’s Academy is our latest project with Fr. Leszek and TAF. The Children's Academy is a space where many kids from the village can excel and pursue their talents and dreams. It is a place to come, outside of school hours, and have intense learning opportunities in their specific field of interest whether it be Language, Arts, Music, Sports or anything else that cultivates big dreams for a bright future. The Children's Academy is providing so much hope to these kids in Kibeho. 

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