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The Abana Foundation Children’s Academy has a dual purpose. First, the Academy is a place where many kids from the village can excel and pursue their talents and dreams. The Children’s Academy gives them a place to come, outside of school hours, and have intense learning opportunities in their specific field of interest whether it be Language, Arts, Music, Sports or anything else that cultivates big dreams for a bright future.

Second, Fr. Leszek and the Cana Center in Kibeho get many requests from international volunteers to come, visit and work. This may be for a week, a month or longer. Currently there isn’t an organized volunteer program that allows people to come on their own schedules and have meaningful work with the people. Through the Children’s Academy we are establishing an Abana Foundation International Volunteer Program, which will coordinate the desires of the volunteers with the needs of the people in Kibeho. We envision the Children’s Academy becoming a perfect blend of people coming together to impact the world for good. And that’s why we believe that the Children’s Academy will really CHANGE HEARTS AND CHANGE LIVES.


Meet Basa

Basa Asha is the Project Coordinator for All Day FORE Africa in Rwanda. Basa was born and raised in Rwanda and as a child lived in a village near Kibeho, only to have to flee to safety from Rebel attacks during the early 1990’s. Basa lived in Burundi and eventually in Uganda where she raised 3 amazing boys. In June of 2014 ADFA had a large mission team and Basa was hired to help coordinate the translation needed to implement the ADFA Prayer Partner Program.  It didn’t take long before a deep friend-ship was developed with Basa and the ADFA team.  Basa continued to assist with each mission trip and in 2018 ADFA hired Basa as our full time onsite Project Coordinator. Basa is a huge asset to our team and the work in Kibeho. She is responsible for the students at The Children’s Academy, working with the parents, regular communication with ADFA in the United States and much more. She is completely devoted and committed to the children and people in Kibeho and we are so bless-ed to have her a part of our team.

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