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In Rwanda, children are able to attend Primary School from K-6th grade.  If they wish to continue their education into High School, they must pass an entrance exam AND pay a fee to attend the boarding school.  


For many, this dream is not a reality.  Even if the students study hard and pass the exam, most families don't have the necessary funds to help them continue their education.  The average school fees are approximately $600 per year depending on the boarding school.  

Over the years we have encouraged our students to dream big and work hard in their studies.  We began the Abana Scholarship Fund in hopes of giving these students a way to realize their dreams.  


In 2010, when we first met our friends at Nyrashishi, NOT ONE student had this opportunity of furthering their education. Today we are excited to have 42 students who are attending Secondary School (High School) on a full Abana Foundation Scholarship and many have already graduated and fullfilling their dreams. 


We are committed to growing the Abana Scholarship Fund and we thank you for your support!

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