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BIG Blessings

Amidst all the uncertainty in the world today, we’ve got some really good news to share with you. We received a call from an anonymous donor who had been praying and thinking about the work of Fr Leszek and The Abana Foundation. They had learned about The Children’s Academy that was built in Kibeho in 2018. As you may remember, the Academy has become a incredible place where students can come outside of school hours to have intense learning opportunities in the arts, music and especially English. Over the past two years we’ve been able to build a workshop, 2 classrooms, a library and restrooms. We’ve seen some really incredible fruits from this Academy.

This past January, we saw our first English class take their P6 National Exams and have great success! Through the Abana Scholarship Program, we are able to reward 22 students with scholarships to continue their education.

The construction of the Academy is not yet complete and that’s where these Abana donors stepped up. After much prayer, they decided they will donate the necessary funds to build the Children’s Academy Chapel! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE BLESSING!


We were wondering with COVID and all that’s going on in the world, would it even be possible to move forward with this project?

It was with great JOY that we called Fr Leszek to tell him about the donation and the plans. While we were all excited about the addition of a Chapel to The Children’s Academy, this donation has a much far reaching blessing, too!

“This is an amazing sign from God,” said Fr Leszek, “We can begin construction on a beautiful chapel immediately.” He also added: “This is also a beautiful sign to the people of Kibeho. COVID has been a very difficult time for our workers at the Cana Center as they have been out of work for several months. This has been a great hardship for the families. This construction will create many jobs that will immediately make a significant impact on our community.”

How amazing…a beautiful chapel AND some great community development, a pillar of The Abana Foundation. Over the past several years, we’ve sought to create programs that benefit not only the children in Kibeho but the community as a whole. We want to express our deep gratitude for this donation and pray a blessing over the construction of the project! We will keep you updated as we go!


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