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Meet Rachel

In 2018, Rachel was in the very first English class at The Abana Foundation’s Children’s Academy (TCA) and attended TCA for 2 years. She recently graduated from P6, scored well on her national exam and received an Abana Foundation Scholarship for continuing her education to secondary school. Her spunky nature and determination make her a great student and lots of fun to be around.

What a thrill for our Abana team to meet with Rachel and her mom, Collette, to award an Abana Scholarship. There was much joy and laughter as they discovered that Rachel would receive the scholarship and be attending a boarding school near Kibeho. This is a big milestone for their family as her two older brothers, due to financial constraints, did not have the opportunity to further their education after grade 6.

Collette shared with us that she is very proud of Rachel and is so happy about her education. With an enormous smile on her face, Collette said: “Rachel has worked so hard to improve her English and I am so proud of her. I know that she will follow her dream, work hard and one day become a teacher. And when she does, she will come back to Kibeho and build me a house!”

Can’t you just feel the HOPE and pride!?!

Rachel became connected to the Smith family from Worthington, MN through our Prayer Partner Program. Mike Smith was able to travel to Rwanda and meet Rachel. She said she would like to thank the Smith family and said: “I am very grateful for the help you have given me. I miss you a lot and want you to come back.”

Rachel is a great example of the seeds of hope YOU are planting through The Children’s Academy and Friends of the Academy!

Isn't it AMAZING what a little money and a lot of love can do for an entire family? This is why we are so passionate about the new Friends of the Academy Program. And we are so grateful for friends like YOU!

Please join us in praying for Rachel and her success in her studies at boarding school.


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