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We are HERE in Rwanda!

After 23 hours of traveling and a five-hour bus ride through the countryside, we are here safe and enjoying the beautiful country and people of Rwanda!  We're excited to give you an update of our first day at the Blessed Stanislaus School, a primary school located in a remote hilltop in Kibeho!

After breakfast and a beautiful walk, we finally arrived at the school!  We gathered at the bottom of staircase and soon heard drums start to play.  Fr. Leszek said over the drum beat, "They want to welcome you!"  As we walked up the steps, we were greeted by 25 dancers, 3 drummers and over 600 children waiting for us to arrive.

Watching the beautiful dancing and hearing 600 voices singing together, I was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn't stop myself from crying.  I thought about all of the effort, time, and planning that was put into not only this Mission Trip, but also all of All Day FORE Africa.  I realized that none of it has gone unnoticed.  The children prepared many dances and songs, skits, and even a comedy act for the ADFA crew of 37 visiting them!  It was the most stunning "thank you" I have ever received!  I soon realized, though, that it wasn't just a thank you for us.  It was a thank you for anyone who has ever donated, helped, played, or prayed for All Day FORE Africa. Even thinking about it now, tears come to my eyes again and I can truly see how God is and has been working in this experience!

We began the Prayer Partner Program today by passing out the t-shirts and assigning numbers to the kids!  They were so patient and excited to see what we had for them.  Everyone in the group was stunned by how happy we could make the children by asking their name, giving them a high-five, or simply smiling at them!  One of my favorite moments was when I reached my hand out towards a young girl and she caught sight of my ruby red nail polish.  Soon all of her friends were gathered and squealing at the blue, pink, and red nails from five girls in the group! 

This young girl became a fast friend of mine!  Towards the end of our day at the school, she put her hand in mine and wouldn't let go!  Her name is Sielle and she is 10 years old.  I found out that she is very ticklish, and her laugh is contagious.

I can't wait to see what else God has in store for us during our next 3 days at the school.  I've already been so touched, and I can feel His love working as we continue with our Mission Trip.  Keep us in your prayers, and soon you'll be able to connect with your Prayer Partner!

With joy!

Annie Lesnar

Member of the 2014 ADFA Mission Trip


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